Titiaan ‘Diana en Actaeon’ 1556-9

Actaeon’s lover

Wendy Cope

I am the one half hidden by a pillar,
Gazing out at him with loving eyes,
Alarmed, although I cannot see his killer
Reacting to the terrible surprise.
A man! My secret love, who loved me too.
He used to meet me by a certain tree.
That day I couldn’t make our rendezvous
Because the goddess said she needed me.
He searched  the woods and stumbled on this place.
You know the rest: the dreadful way he died.
This moment: the last time I saw his face
Before the horror of the horns, the hide.
I rage and mourn. There can be no redress
Against divine Diana, murderess.

Titiaan ‘Diana en Actaeon’ 1556-9 detail

Ter gelegenheid van de Olympische spelen toont de National Gallery in Londen drie schilderijen van Titiaan uit zijn reeks ‘metamorfosen’.
Het betreft de volgende schilderijen:

·         Diana en Actaeon 1556-9
Olieverf op canvas 184 x 202 cm

·         De dood van Actaeon 1565-76
Olieverf op canvas 178 x 198 cm

·         Diana en Callisto 1556-9
Olieverf op canvas 187 x 204 cm

Ter gelegenheid van deze expositie zijn veertien dichters verzocht te reflecteren op deze schilderijen. Het bovenstaande gedicht is een van deze veertien gedichten, de anderen zijn:

Patience Agbabi, Simon Armitage, Carol Ann Duffy, Lavinia Greenlaw, Tony Harrison, Seamus Heaney, Frances Leviston, Sinéad Morressey,  Don Paterson, Christopher Reid, Jo Shapcott, George Szirtes, Hugo Williams.

In mijn KunstKolom over de doorwerking van de metamorfosen in de beeldende kunst kunt u meer lezen over deze expositie,  de metamorfosen, Titiaan e.v.a..

Wendy Cope Lives in London and works as a free-lance writer. Her two full-length collections of poems are Making Cocoa for Kingsly Amis (1986) and Serious Concerns (1992), both published by Faber. In 1987 she recieved a Cholomondeley Award for poetry.