Bruce McLean Carols Garden Devon
Bruce McLean 'Carols Garden Devon'
(niet het kunstwerk 'Construction of the Grey Flag' of
'Study for Construction of the Grey Flag' als bedoeld in dit gedicht)

Swinging Men

  David Frommer

I was waiting in the rotunda
When I spotted an anaconda
Above my head
Behind a patch of red
Dancing on the ceiling
Were nine people

Bruce Mclean Mauve Garden
Bruce Mclean 'Mauve Garden'

David Frommer was born in Brussels in 1978. He has a twin sister. His favourite pastimes are modelling with Lego and writing stories. The books he likes best are the Tintin stories and Roald Dahl's childeren's stories. He enjoys travelling and has been to several countries in Europe and to the United States. He wrote this poem whilst waiting to go on to a Tate Gallery children's tour.

Bruce Mclean Unknown Orange Flower Against Green 2008
Bruce Mclean 'Unknown Orange Flower Against Green' 2008