My First Sight of the “Mona Lisa”

John Grey

I would have liked to see
her really smile,
broad like a horizon,
like sea and sky.
None of this
half-formed opinion to the mouth,
one lip quizzical,
the other knowing.

If someone painted me right now,
I too would be in this state
of never quite becoming.
I’d be a Mona Lisa in
the wide white hallways
of the Louvre
with my hands in my pockets,
eyes at that half-shuttered seeking level,
my mouth slightly open, slightly sideways,
trying to concoct a thought
more visible than thinking.

John Grey is an Australian born poet, playwright, and musician whose work has recently been published in White Wall Review, Mid-America Poetry Review, and Brilliant Corners. His work is forthcoming in Pennsylvania English and Confrontation. He has twice visited Mona at the Louvre.