Pierre Bonnard The Bowl of Milk 1919
Pierre Bonnard 'The Bowl of Milk' 1919

The Bowl of Milk

John Loveday

In a moment the little black cat will be gone,
The bowl of milk set down somewhere
Outside the picture-space. Alone
Upstairs, Marthe will undress, prepare
The ritual water, soap herself, and lie,
Becoming innocent. The cat will drop
Asleep in the sun, the milk bowl dry.
Bonnard will paint sunlight on the table top.

Pierre Bonnard Girl playing with her dog
Pierre Bonnard 'Girl playing with her dog'

John Loveday, a teacher for 35 years, was born in Norfolk in 1926. He now writes, lectures and goves readings. Particular Sunlights, a volume of selected poems, was published by Headland in 1986. His novel Halo is due from Fourth Estate in 1992.

Pierre Bonnard l Atelier au mimosa1939
Pierre Bonnard 'l'Atelier au mimosa' 1939