After the Art Gallery

Marjorie Maddox

As always, we are surprised by her smallness,
by the simple command of her eyes,
the unsettling smile,
the way she follows us home.

We have nothing to offer
but cheap wine, warmed-up pasta,
a stale biscotti, the portico that – if she’s patient –
lets her view our scene of unspoken lives.

Here is a fresco wall.
We will stand just-so in the light
from the window, our arms
silent at our sides.

Marjorie Maddox, a professor of English at Lock Haven University, has published in College English, Poetry, Prairie Schooner, Brilliant Corners, and numerous other journals. Her full-length books are Transport, Transplant, Transubstantiation (WordTech Editions, 2005) and Perpendicular As I (1995), and she had published five chapbooks. She won the 2000 Paumanok Poetry Prize, has three Pushcart Prize nominations, and has received many awards for her work.