Spencer Gore Letchworth
Spencer Gore 'Letchworth'

A Place

Emily Mitchell

I remember it well,
A grove of oaks with a stream
And a fence, which had fallen in places
But still stood in others
I remember
How calm and quiet and green it was
And how the stream, bubbling along,
was the only sound breaking the stillness
And I remember
The sun light falling on the field beyond the grove
and a calf, venturing from its mothers side,
stopping to drink at the stream
Before returning to the rest of the herd
And how that place,
So quiet and peaceful,
Awakened my mind
from a deep sleep

Spencer Gore From a Window in Cambrian Road Richmond 1913
Spencer Gore 'From a Window in Cambrian Road Richmond' 1913

Emily Mitchell was born in London in 1975. Her contribution to this anthology was written whilst she was a primary school pupil at William Tyndale School. Islington. During the intervening years she has moved with her family to Fairfax, USA, where she continues to enjoy writing poetry. Recently she recieved a nimination for the National Council of English Teachers Award from her school and was a finalist in the Princeton University Poetry Competition.

Spencer Gore The Beanfield Letchworth 1912
Spencer Gore The Beanfield Letchworth 1912