Paul Klee They re Biting Sei beissenan
Paul Klee 'They re Biting' - Sei beissenan -

Paul Klee: 'They're Biting'

 Paul Muldoon

The lake supports some kind of bathysphere,
an Arab dhow

and a fishing-boat
complete with languorous net.

Two anglers
have fallen hook, and sinker

for the goitred,
spiny fish-caricatures

with which the lake is stocked,
At any moment all this should connect.

When you sent me a postcard of They're Biting
there was a plane sky-writing

I LOVE YOU over Hyde Park.
Then I noticed the exclamation-mark

at the painting's heart.
It was as if I had already heard

a waist-thick conger
mouthing NO from the fishmonger's

otherwise-drab window
into which I might glance to check my hair.

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Paul Muldoon was born in 1951 in Country Armagh, Northern Ireland and he has lived in Belfast since 1969. He now works for BBC Northern Ireland as a radio and television producer. His books of poetry include, Why Brownlee Left (1980), Quoof (1983), and Meeting the British (1987) all published by Faber. In 1986 he edited The Faber Book of Contemporary Irish Poetry.