Salvador Dali en Gala

Salvador Dali Mountain Lake
Salvador Dali ‘Mountain Lake’

Telephone to Nowhere

  Sarah Jane Ratherham

‘Danger!’ cries the voice, ‘Danger!’
Danger screaming in every thread of the line,
But the vigilant watchers have long since crept away;
They do not hear the anguish as every word is spoken –
The words are lost in the spray.

In the loneliest place in the world, no-one can hear you cry.

Shuddering, the words catch the wind, and split the night in two.
Shattering the deep well of silence and pouring the darkness in,
Flinging the sleeping water up in a cloud of silver stars;
But echoing from brow-beaten rocks, the cry rides back

It’s the loneliest place in the world, where no-one can hear you cry.

‘Danger!’ screams the voice, ‘Danger!’
It is felt in every inch of crackling –
‘Someone needs your help, some ship has lost its battle’ –
But the snails drag slowly over it, no-one heeds
And no-one hears.

In the loneliest place in the world, there’s no-one left to hear.

Salvador Dali Lobster Telephone
Salvador Dali ‘Lobster Telephone’

Sahah Ratheram was born in 1970. She read English at New College, Oxford, where she directed and acted in a number of plays ranging from Shakespeare to Joe Orton. In the future she hopes to go to drama school and to continue writing poetry. Telephone to Nowhere was written when Sarah was 14.

Salvador Dali en Gala 
Salvador Dali en Gala