Salvador Dali en Gala

Salvador Dali Lobster Telephone
Salvador Dali ‘Lobster Telephone’

The Lobster on the Telephone

  Eleanor Snow

I saw a lobster
Yellowish and orangish
Sitting on a telephone.
And I said
‘Does your mummy know you are here
You naughty lobster?
Did she say yes?’
The lobster curled his legs
Tiredly and crossly.

Salvador Dali Mountain Lake
Salvador Dali ‘Mountain Lake’

Eleanor Snow wasborh in 1979 and lives in South East London. She is continuing to enjoy her education and is now in het third year at Sydenham Girls Secondary School. She likes spending time with her friends and going out with her two sisters and writing the occasional poem.

Salvador Dali en Gala
Salvador Dali en Gala