Mona Gets a Makeover

Susan Terris

No more middle-aged housewife dresses
or dull rides to the dark beyond.
Yes, look, I’m a real doll now with stick-on duds:
a quick-change artist, thin and magnetic
and-sights set on a tropical paradise-
I’m improving myself.
One minute crazed by mouse-drab hair,
the next a Madonna-blonde dazzler
in cat’s eye shades and clingy sarong
with backpack, visor, and a hot new lover.

David’s a big guy, magnetic like me
and young, with curls by Michelangelo
and a great bod: and, yes, well- no matter what
they say – size does matter.
So, soon as he’s duded up in cool orchid jams
with matching shirt, we’ll sail off
to Tahiti (yes, in Papeete I’ll be done
by Gauguin) and get leis.
Then I’ll brag, go native, sing out how at last
I’ve got a paper doll I can call my own…

Susan Terris is an editor of Runes, A review of Poetry (Arcto Press). Her work has appeared in Ploughshares, Southern Poetry Review, Poetry Northwest, The Florida Review, Nimrod, Passages North, and many other journals. She is author of Fire is Favorable to the Dreamer (Cedar Hill Publications, 2003) and her most recent book is Natural Defenses ( Marsh Hawk Press, 2004)